Six miles, sports day, and sprints

Two lots of running again today. After walking the children to school I did a short long-run, just six miles. It seems kind of crazy that I can consider six miles to be a short run, but my long runs are often closer to ten these days. I only had time for an hour’s run today though, as I had a birthday cake to bake! A certain young man living in my house turns 9 this weekend and I had a chocolate sponge to make.

That done I was back to the school for the juniors’ sports day. Over 200 children in four teams (red, yellow, blue and green) doing three different races (obstacle, hurdles, and sprint), all done as relays.

This evening, I went training with the athletics club again. After a mile’s warm-up run around the park, we divided into teams of three for 200m sprint relays for 20 minutes. I’m not one of life’s sprinters by any stretch of the imagination but I found the session easier than I thought, although more through luck than any kind of skill or pacing. The other two members of my relay team were both slower runners than me so I had chance to recover each time before it was my turn to run again!


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