Half a pair of socks

8FC56061-B952-47CC-B9E9-EA7CCE6FAECC.jpegWe have half a pair of socks! I haven’t knitted my kids socks in a while but they both chose multicoloured sock yarn in a shop in Devon over the summer and, with the weather cooling, it seemed a good time to make use of it. It seems a little silly that this one plain vanilla sock has taken me over a week to knit. I did manage to turn the heel while marshalling at Parkrun last Saturday! It’s surprisingly hard to clap and knit at the same time so the sock spent a lot of time hanging from my wrist between laps of the course. The yarn, for those interested, is an Opal 4-ply sock yarn in a colourway called Sunrise that I would never have chosen myself but clearly appealed to my 9-year-old. I just need to make the second one now, while pondering the thought that my children will soon be needing socks that are bigger than mine!

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