The last four weeks…

Time would appear to have marched on and a bunch of stuff has happened in both the knitting and the running which have meant I’ve fallen behind with blogging.

Lets start with the knitting, as that will explain my lack of time to blog about the running! This time of the year is busy but one of my favourite times on as it is the annual Indie Design Gift-along. It’s basically a six-week-long festival of crafting, based on getting gift knitting done for whatever winter holiday you celebrate but also about celebrating independent pattern designers in knit and crochet (of which I am one as a hobby business). There are games and prizes and chat and a whole lot of knitting and crocheting going on, culminating in a huge online New Year’s Eve party. This is my fifth year participating and it’s a blast but also very time consuming. So far I have made a headband which will keep my ears warm on winter runs, and I’m finishing up a scarf.

As for the running, since my last post I’ve got a new Dartford Parkrun PB, knocking a minute and a half off my previous time for that course. New Dartford PB is 26:23, and achieved in large part by running with a faster friend that day who really encouraged me to push myself and keep going. I’ve also taken part in the Kent Veterans cross country championships. Another 5K cross country team event, my fastest cross country race so far, my first time running in spikes, and while my own time wasn’t fast enough to score, my team finished in fourth place which was a great achievement for us.

Finally this week I had a rather random running accident. Anyone can pull a muscle or twist an ankle but it takes a special kind of person to nearly break their nose running! Short version goes like this: track interval training, we start an interval, the runner in front of me drops his mobile phone and instead of leaving it or stepping off the track, he stops dead and turns to go back for it. I was accelerating and didn’t have enough room to stop nor to run round him. Instead I smashed straight into him and the discrepancy in our heights meant my nose met his sternum at speed. Cue bleeding nose, not helped by my being a glasses-wearer so they crashed down into the bridge of my nose. Thankfully no damage to the glasses but I did spend the rest of the session in the clubhouse with an ice pack on my face. Four days on and my nose is still tender but, thanks to quick thinking by my coach and lots of ice, no bruising, minimal swelling, and I’m back running. Yesterday’s Parkrun was harder than it probably ought to have been but I managed to run 5.4 miles in 51 minutes this morning including a couple of nasty hills so I’m definitely down but not out!

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