My week so far

I seem to be getting some pretty good mileage in this week. Six and a half miles around the neighbourhood on Monday, then close to another six at running club training last night. It was an intervals session, 400m intervals, then 300m, then 200m, then 150m. There was a Christmas carols concert going on across the park from the running track and the sound carried enough that we could hear the carols from one end of the track. It was a lovely sound, but I was somewhat surprised that between Once In Royal David’s City and Joy To The World there was definitely a rendition of Is This The Way To Amarillo?! Never heard that one in a Christmas concert before!

I am trying to decide whether to retire a pair of my running shoes. I’ve had them for only 8 months, and they’ve done just over 300 miles, but they never really recovered from being totally drenched right through at the Severn Bridge 10K back in August. The uppers have contracted slightly and started pressing on my toes during longer runs. They’ve never been my favourites because of the soles. I’m used to air-cushion soles and like the feeling of those. These have gel-cushion soles which are soft and squishy but I prefer a shoe with a more zingy feel underfoot. After another blister on Monday which I could feel starting around 5.5 miles into the run, I’m thinking I put them through a few more short runs until the end of the year and then start 2019 in a different pair.

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